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Hello there, I’m P. J. Daniels. I mostly write fantasy series, but I have a few standalones in different categories.

I plan on expanding into paranormal, horror, comedy fiction and straight up romance.

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  • After half brothers Sakhan and Neneh engage in a public fight that embarrasses their father, Chief Kheng, the latter finds himself troubled by the perilous state of his Lion tribe. But when Sakhan’s sister Adah is killed by unknown assailants, the chief opts to bring his sons with him as the tribe prepares for an uncertain war. From there, the action-packed novel kicks into gear as the tribe quickly […]
  • Liz has had a pretty bad week—she was stolen from her Oklahoma farm by little green aliens and transported millions of miles from Earth. After something goes wrong on the ship, the green aliens abandon Liz and the rest of the human women on a cold ice planet with two distant suns. The planet’s local inhabitants, the sa-khui, are a small tribe of large blue aliens that have developed […]
  • Rudolf once helped to negotiate a $9 million civil settlement for a man who had been held without a trial for 14 years on the basis of a “confession” so articulate it might have come from an English professor although the prisoner had an IQ of less than 60. That story is far from the most startling in this potent critique of systemic errors and misconduct by police and […]
  • “Keep your eye on the kid,” Joe Keaton wrote in an ad tagline in 1901, and was he ever right. That kid, his 6-year-old son Buster, was the star of the family stage act The Three Keatons, “the child star as prop, as projectile, as the personal belonging of a father who casually employs him as a household cleaning tool.” He was also a natural performer who revolutionized cinema […]
  • Buday makes clear at the outset of his work that he’s well aware of the devaluation the term thought leadershiphas undergone in the last two decades. What he refers to as “the supply side of thought leadership”—“inventing revolutionary concepts that improve how businesses operate, marketing those concepts well, and attracting adulation and new business”—has been “slapped on blog posts, white papers, research reports, sections of websites and many other […]
  • Loretta Sparkman is going through a midlife crisis—or, as she prefers to describe it, turning into a zombie—due in part, perhaps, to her husband Matthias’ ongoing struggle with cancer. She’s also just reunited with her best friend, Jenny Black, who has come to stay with the Sparkmans after five years of absence from their lives. The first thing Jenny wants to talk about is near-death experiences. “Not having a […]
  • When a detective asks Erin McCabe to meet with a young woman accused of murder, he explains that he has two reasons. One is that, despite her admission of guilt, the detective thinks Ann Parsons is innocent. The second is that Ann is, like Erin, transgender. Her decision to represent Ann will end up putting Erin, her law partner, and her boyfriend in grave danger. And, as the action […]
  • Gwen Engel is a witch. Well, sort of. Decades ago, the Grand Council of Witches banned her family from practicing witchcraft—all because her great-great-grandfather accidentally started a little something called the Dust Bowl. The name of Gwen’s upstate New York business, Abracadabra Odd Job Service, is the only vestige of her magical heritage. That is, until she and her cousins Milo and Trudy receive a letter from Tannith, Gwen’s […]