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Hello there, I’m P. J. Daniels. I mostly write fantasy series, but I have a few standalones in different categories.

I plan on expanding into paranormal, horror, comedy fiction and straight-up romance.

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  • Straton’s debut is two books in one—a thoroughly researched and mostly charming compendium of information about bartending and recipes for cocktails and a rather lugubrious account of her narrator Samantha “Sam” Fisher’s gap year employment at a drinking establishment called Joe’s Apothecary. Sam is at a low point emotionally and financially as she heads in for her interview, a long shot since women are rarely seen behind a bar. […]
  • NatashaClarke was once a popular, star student. But she barely makes it through school these days, working overtime to help her mom make ends meet after her father’s disappearance years ago. When her new friend Elodie Blue invites her to ditch school one day, Natasha jumps at the chance, not knowing her life is about to change forever. She wakes up the next day to find herself accused of […]
  • Arfy’s “job” is helping students gain confidence as they read to the canine in the school library. One day, Arfy discovers a turtle inside their helper-dog-vest’s pocket. Arfy aims to track down the owners of the reptile, dubbed “Hidey.” To accomplish this goal, Arfy sends chatty emails and illustrated written queries (Arfy grips a pencil between their teeth to accomplish this), signed with paw prints, to various school personnel, […]
  • South Carolina, 1936. Journalist Betsy McCall is hoping to join the United Daughters of the Confederacy, an organization dedicated to honoring the valiant deeds of Rebel soldiers in the Civil War. Unfortunately for Betsy, the letter she brings as proof of her family’s involvement casts the Confederate soldiers in an unflattering light, and the women of the UDC eject her from the meeting. A colleague at Betsy’s newspaper isn’t […]
  • Rylee Harris and Canten Barnes, both widowed, are neighbors in Honey Hill, North Carolina. They each lost their spouses to violence and are now more focused on their careers than romance. That doesn’t mean Rylee isn’t aware of how attractive she finds Sheriff Barnes, best friend to her older brother. When her mom tries to set her up on a date with a man Rylee is not at all […]
  • Japanese author and visual artist Kobayashi’s first novel to be published in English unfolds from the perspective of an unnamed divorcĂ©e who lives in a Tokyo apartment with her mother, her younger sister, and her 13-year-old daughter. Though everyone in the city is excited for the impending 2020 Olympics, tensions are running high due to Trinity—a previously unknown ailment with unclear causes that is plaguing the elderly. The condition […]
  • When London roommates Hazel Phillips and Alfie Berghan sleep together, they make a pact that it won’t be a big deal…so of course it will be a big deal. In a poor attempt to appear casual, Alfie (harboring secret feelings for Hazel) starts talking too much about his ex-girlfriend. Hazel, also secretly smitten, decides that he’s not into her and it’s time to move on. Thus Hazel starts dating […]
  • It’s 1966, and Bernadette and Melvin are in Accra, Ghana, far from their American home. They’re not there for pleasure—the couple are on the run after Melvin, held at gunpoint by a racist White man outside an Alabama restaurant, grabbed the weapon from the bigot and shot him. “I killed a white man in Alabama, that’s the electric chair,” Melvin tells his fiancee. “They gon’ say you my accomplice.” […]