Darrilyn Books

Writing is in the family. These are the most popular books by my aunt and mentor, Darrilyn.


When Adaira becomes a prisoner of war in an English army camp in 1314, she finds she is overwhelmingly attracted to her captor; an exquisitely handsome compelling knight named Draegan, who she senses may not be quite human. Disguised as a peasant girl, she is furious for being captured for she is secretly the niece to the King of Scotland, England’s enemy. Draegan also has his secrets. He is an ‘Old Soul’, a vampire-human hybrid who has survived for centuries off the blood of the fallen on battlefields. Adaira does not know it but her blood calls out to him, putting her in greater danger but she is also dear to Draegan. This is a deeply romantic, action-packed, heart-stopping story that captures the struggle between physical instinct, love and loyalty. Will love be able to rise above two opposites, the boundaries of war and the secrets that can destroy it? It can when it is a love worth fighting for.

After by Darrilyn

After many years of working for the same company, Samuel Nightingale has been laid off. His pregnant wife encourages him to take the opportunity to write a book about his long-held secret of being kidnapped as a child. As he does, strange things begin to happen–he is being watched.

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