Clarification on Demons

Ok, so, I've been getting alot of feedback about my use of demons in my writing. Specifically, about how they aren't true demons. This is on purpose. I tend to include themes in my books, such as gender/race equality, acceptance of LGBTQ+, and mental health awareness. Demons, in my writing, are metaphors for stereotyping that … Continue reading Clarification on Demons

Endred Chapter One and Two (10% sample)

CHAPTER ONE Everyone that says they believe in magic doesn’t legitimately believe magic is real—at least, not the correct form of magic. Much of the population of earth sees magic as an exciting fiction. Even the most enthusiastic delvers in Wiccan and Pagan religions (for example) believe that magic is subtle and, most importantly, invisible. … Continue reading Endred Chapter One and Two (10% sample)