Update: Current Project

Ok, so, for anyone who has read Over Powered, it is the first book in a series. I haven’t decided on a series name (assuming I give it an official series name) but I am working on the second book right now.

At the moment, my working title is The Ancients, but I tend to alter names before I’m done, so it might change. I’m just under the halfway point in the rough draft, so I can’t give a release time for that. But, realistically, after editing and such, it could be months. Not making any promises there.

However, I have decided to release Endred to the public, via Kindle. I wrote that book before Over Powered but didn’t release it because I was hoping to catch the attention of a literary agent. It’s been around a year since I finished it, (approximately) so I figured I would wait until I hear back from the last query letters I sent out and then just put it on Amazon.

My aim is for August/September, but I need to prepare a cover and format it for Amazon, so I’ll post updates as I get a more precise date.

Thanks for reading this update, and if you want updates you can follow my facebook page—listed either on the sidebar on desktop, or after the post on mobile—or just hit the subscribe button after this post.

Thanks again!

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