Memoir 1

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I grew up in a weird transitional period, technology wise. The internet was new when I was a child, so, I went through the days of dial up, and now get to experience high speed internet. I went from using a rotary phone to the age of smartphones. In fact, I’m writing this post on a smartphone.

I’d like to think this transition was a benefit to my creativity. I get to experience this technology as an adult, but I wasn’t raised reliant on it. Playing in my youth involved mostly imagination. Yes, I had toys, but they simply became part of a greater story, in my mind. Playing was a story in itself, told through pieces of plastic, but viewed through the imagination of a child.

My love of story telling was a direct result of this. I enjoyed my own worlds so much, I wanted to share them. From what I remember, my older brother helped me learn to read before I started going to school. Once I started going to school myself, I was given the opportunity and training needed to write down my ideas.

However, as I reached highschool, my education reduced emphasis on storytelling. Still, my imagination was vivid, but my studies directed my attention elsewhere. I took up learning a musical instrument, and that became my creative outlet for most of highschool. A friend, who would later become a creative muse, sparked my love for writing in my last year. But, finishing high school, I became a part of the workforce. So, I didn’t have the motivation to write any stories. I took up poetry as a medium, as it was quicker to write.

Fast forward a couple years. I’d moved to Pembroke, from Cobden, and had a steady job. I was making new friends, but was feeling a bit worn down by life. My new roomate, who shared my enjoyment of the written word, inspired me to try short stories as an outlet. I wrote quite a few short stories over the years as a result; fueled by strong emotions at the time. The best of these short stories would later become my book “Eight.”

Short stories were nice, but I wanted more. So, when I had time, I took to the page, figuratively speaking, as I prefered typing, my stories. I started many books, but I couldn’t focus long enough to make it past a few chapters. I’d become a caffeine addict, so that certainly didn’t help. This inability to finish anything became frustrating. Until, I was reunited with an old friend, who’d rekindled my spark in highschool. He told me about the book he was writing, and we shared our ideas, like we had in school.

With renewed vigor, I started a couple more books, one of which I finished a few years later.

My first novel.

However, after spending a long time trying to find a literary agent, and many rejections later, I felt defeated. So, deciding to rewrite it, I fell back into my pattern of never finishing what I’d started.

This continued until I took a request from a new friend, to write a short story about a female pirate captain. I enjoyed the world so much, that it turned into a novella. This novella is Queen of Black Sails.

Once again, I feared the rejections that would inevitably come from literary agents. So, I looked for alternatives. Taking a chance, I decided to self publish on Smashwords. I now have three books on Smashwords, and I’m currently working on two more (one with another author).

I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been, and I look forward to seeing what I can create.

Thanks for reading!

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